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Luscious New year's Eve 
Special gifts from Minas jewellery


Enjoy the last day of the year 

Feel like Queen Bee
Apivita Spa

Beauty honey treat

Photography by Panos Fotopoulos
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Christmas tastes..
cheesecake with lavender and creme fresh

pumpkin soup with hummus

red velvet cake

launch tapas party

Wool is cool

An ultimate classic trend..
Modern Knitting!

 Audrey Hepburn
Celine bags
Zara kids


Counting down for Christmas


Photo Credits: The Coveteur, Rushka Bergman

Dear Santa..

Our letter to Santa, will have it all.. from our favorite FREE SHOP

Red & Glam

Bow cuff & bow belt : Balenciga
Red mini city: Balenciaga
Black 'Maillon round' purse: Balenciaga
Boots: Toga Pulla
Earrings: Ca& Lou

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Wonder room

Happy Perfumed Monday


image via A minute away from snowning

instagram via Vogue Paris

Chic in Rio

Jet Setting

The city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is one of the most popular and attractive destinations in the world..especially for summer holidays, annual carnival and New year's Eve trips.
We are crazy about ''Cariocas*'' and we love their exotic and fresh style..Here, we are making a great style selection for every woman who is packing this nye in style and mostly for Rio lovers.

*Car·i·o·ca  (kr-k)
1. A native or inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2. carioca
a. A dance similar to the samba.
b. The music for this dance.


In Rio, summer holidays are considered to begin around Christmas time and last through the end of Carnaval (date varies but generally late February). During this period, Rio runs at a very relaxed pace. Between just before Christmas and lasting through the first week of January, most businesses are closed for the holidays. In Rio, New Years Eve is a big event. Copacabana beach is the location of one of the world's most famous parties and fireworks displays. On Copacabana beach alone, it is customary to see several million revellers gather for this famous event. However, there are also other festivities on other beaches such as the Ipanema beach at midnight.

 hotel Fasano
White tradition
The most visible tradition on New Year’s Eve is to wear an outfit that is completely white – this symbolizes peace and renewal, a certain kind of hope that the New Year will be better than the one that has just passed.
The Style File
 City beats
info via trip advisor & Rio times
style editing elforelegantlife
photos M.Lebesopoulou
Special thanks to V.Vasilakou
and Free Shop stores.