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Giovanna Battaglia:Edible Fashion

For the inaugural issue of Dasha Zhukova's new magazine, Garage, Giovanna Battaglia styled this clever editorial titled "Edible Fashion." Each tasteful image is created entirely from food such as anchovies, citrus, lettuce, and walnuts and the results are, well, good enough to eat. Regarding the creative process with photographer Fulvio Bonavia, Giovanna laughed, “I hope nobody reads our e-mails back and forth. We were writing things like, ‘yes, Prada is an orange, that’s genius! And Moncler is a fish!from i want to be a


Haneli Mustaparta in a lace dream


sexy back

vogue best dressed edition

summer reflections

and a natural arty head piece

holiday art de la table

Monday happy flowers

start your week with buying some flowers,they always make us smile and keep us calm..

art de la table

minimal and light
by eugenia silva blog

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milan street style

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